Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas time '08

This year, I had two very good reasons to be so thankful: My sweet wife, Brynn, and our new little man, Jericho. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, mostly because I usually notice a little more charity, more empathy, and more acts of kindness than at other times of the year. I have to say that, this year, I didn't notice it as much. That may be because people weren't feeling that way as much, or it may have been because I was too wrapped up in my own little world to notice. Truly, NOTHING in the world is more important to me than my little family. Brynn is so great. She's so thoughtful, so full of love. She knows how much I admire my Grandma Haskell; how I think there's no person closer to God than that lady. But I've also told Brynn that she and my little sister Chelsey are in the same category as Grandma. Amazing people.
Jericho has changed our lives, just as everyone said he would. It's not just that we have another little life to look after; it's that Jericho is so special. He is so beautiful. I'm amazed every time I see his handsome little smile. I think, "You really came from me?" He's lucky to have his momma's good looks. I know they say that having a baby is not the answer to making a bad marriage a good one. But I will say that our baby has made our good marriage even better. When I look at my son, his cute little smile, I not only think of how amazing he is, but of how much I love his mom.
Although Jericho is too young to have cared what day it was on the 25th, he is changing and growing so much. He'll be 8 weeks old on Tuesday. Already he will smile back, nearly every time I smile at him. And he's trying so hard to talk. Now, it's no where close to actual words. Can't even get a "da-da" from him. But he makes these beautiful little mutterings and noises. I know he's saying stuff---even if he doesn't know what he means; I think he realizes that he's trying to have a conversation with me. And it's the best stuff I've ever heard anywhere.
We had our Christmas in Vernal this year. Brynn's family is from there and nearly all of them still live there. On Christmas Eve we went to a family dinner. After the meal, Brynn's mom and some other lady did this little performance where Brynn's mom was Joseph's mom, and the other lady was Mary's mom. Sort of gave a new perspective about the historic events that led to the birth of Christ. It was spiritual and I really enjoyed it. I needed it.
On Christmas morning we got up and waited for Brynn's sister and her husband and kids to come over and then we opened some presents. It was simple and sweet; just my style. After that we headed over to her grandparents' home for a delicious pancake, eggs and ham breakfast. It was great.
I noticed this year, more than the previous ones, that Brynn has a very special family. They are all kind, generous, and just plain good-hearted souls. They were all so kind to me and really made me feel welcomed and like I fit in as one of them. And I know how lucky I am to have this type of relationship with in-laws.
Anyway, it was a good Christmas. Wish this time of year would find everyone so lucky.

P.S. Just had Sunday lunch with some close friends of ours. And as promised, I'd like to give a shout out to Jarin and Jami and their 2 cute kids. What's up guys? Hope you made it back to Santaquin OK.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4th installment of Short stories by Wade, Now with pictures

Over the past 1 1/2 to 2 years, there has been debate about wind machines going up in different Utahn locations. One of which is at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Most people seemed for the idea, especially with the ever-increasing cost of power. A vocal minority, mostly from the canyon area, were against it, using noise pollution, the incidental deaths of birds, and the blocking of their view, as their arguments. Well, the debate came and went and we now have a wind farm, which includes 9 HUGE machines. I haven't done much research on the exact size of these things, but I'm guessing that each blade of the propellers is about 150 ft. They are a spectacular site. I am glad to see some forward thinking ideas coming to fruition in Utah, a state sometimes known for it's anti-progress attitudes. Anyway, I believe this particular farm is owned by Rocky Mountain Power and the electricity generated is being sold down the grid to California. Recent rumor is that another, much larger farm is going up in the West Desert, somewhere out by Bonneville Salt Flats. Can't wait to see it.

I've been doing some side projects lately; some for family and some for friends. Recently, a friend of ours asked me to make some window shutters, which they wanted for a Christmas present to an in-law. I hadn't done any before but the 2nd photo is what I came up with; closest thing to what she had described. I think they turned out well. Perhaps I'll do some more for our house.

The next picture was another small project, and another first. I've installed fireplace mantles before and I've helped my boss build some. But I had never done it myself before last week. My sister and brother-in-law asked me if I could build a mantle, one that was a bit better, more rustic perhaps than what they had. (Wish I would've taken a picture of the one I removed). Anyway, this was a fairly simple design I came up with. It was easy to install. (Because it is a smaller design, I built and installed it as 3 separate pieces; the actual mantle and the 2 legs). I don't think it's the best one I'll ever do but they seemed really happy with it and I enjoyed doing it.

Last picture is one I took the other day of my friend Jed holding Jericho. Jed is a native of Payson--my hometown, though he's now a resident of Alaska. (Wish I could say the same for myself). Anyway he's in town for the holidays and this was his first time meeting our new son. They get along great already. Jericho will be lucky to have an Uncle Jed. I met Jed quite a few years ago when he was managing our local bike shop. I began riding with him and trying to pick up a few of his mountain biking skills. He has become one of my best friends since and I always wish he was here instead of 3000 miles away---or else I wish I was 3000 miles away with him. (Come on Brynn--you know you want to be there too). Anyway, Jed is the best kind of person there is. He's a true friend and someone you could trust with your life. This photo will be of great value, especially since we only get to see him for a few days each year.

And that concludes this, the 4th installment of Short Stories by Wade, Now with pictures.