Monday, September 7, 2009

Recent portrait session..

J-walking in downtown Payson.
I didn't think I'd love this shot like I do. But then I thought, what parent doesn't want pictures of their kids at their happiest? And she was just a ham for the camera.
Their older son was the only one who didn't seem to love the camera, or maybe the photographer. I wish I had all of his curly hair.
Had to get their little boy doing what boys do best, playing in the dirt.
Like mom, like daughter. (Yes, I've used this location before.)
This is a great looking family. Made my job easy.

Thanks you guys for letting me do this. It was fun and I can always use the practice.


Kari said...

Very cute, again I like the candids the best. It's fun to see when you catch part of their personality in the photos.

Marie said...

Good job! I love the ones of the kids!