Sunday, June 20, 2010

Latest family portrait shoot

This is Kayden. His blue eyes became the subject of many of the photos this shoot.
Yeah, a suitcase on a beach doesn't make a ton of sense. But check out the cute kid inside!
Couldn't get him to stop doing his squat pose by this barn, so we just went with it.
Kayden, standing in front of his dad.
I can tell you, from having only spent a couple of hours with them, that this couple has a passion for each other.
What they would have looked like in the old days.
Love the color of this one; but I'm good enough to realize that I didn't frame it right; I didn't get the effect I wanted and so we will do them again soon.
Awesome barn. You'd have to be pretty tight with me to get its location out of me.

This is Justin and Jacey, and their icy-blue-eyed son, Kayden. (Hope I'm spelling his name correctly.) This was such a fun shoot; so fun, I've already offered to do a part II for them. They're a great-looking couple, both with fun personalities. I was sort of intimidated when they said they were bringing their one-year old son, because I just have a hard time getting kids that age to cooperate. But that handsome little kid arrived with a huge smile on his face to match his huge eyes and I think I got some killer shots of him. So, tell me what you think...


Kari said...

Great photos Wade. Love the one in the water. And the barn. LOVE the barn! If I was more on the ball maybe I'd have you take some of us by it, but I have a hard time following through on that.

The Hone's said...

Those are awesome. Im thinking we should get some done of us soon. That is as soon as I can get my hair done so it looks good. Great job!