Thursday, January 12, 2012

What do you know about being Mormon?

Hey Everyone:I decided to make a non-scientific survey about the Mormon faith. I'm curious about what Mormons and non-Mormons think or believe about the following questions. Please feel free to answer in a comment or to email me with your answers if you'd rather your answers be private.(You'll notice I'm not looking for yes or no answers, because I actually want a personally thought out, personal answer.)

1. Are you a member of the Mormon Church?

2. If you are a member, do you consider yourself to be "active?"

3. If you are NOT a Mormon, do you at least know someone who is a member of the Mormon Church?

4. What is your understanding about what Mormons believe about who God is? (Trinity believe or not? God is a man/woman/spiritual being/other?)

5. What is your understanding about what Mormons believe about Joseph Smith's role?

6. Do you follow the Mormon "Word of Wisdom" commandment? What exactly does it mean to follow it or not to follow it?

7. What do Mormons believe about Jesus? What was/is his role?

8. Do Mormons believe in modern-day prophecy? What does this mean?

9. Have you ever disagreed with a Mormon prophet? If so, on what matter? And if so, do you believe this affects your salvation or your future in an after-life?

10. Arrange the following 'sins' in order; least to worst:     a. murder
     b. smoking
     c. stealing
     d. adultery
     e. lying
     f. drinking
     OR, do you believe sin is sin?

11. Where do Mormons draw the line? What will keep one out of Heaven?

12. What is required, in the Mormon church, to get into Heaven?

13. Did you, or do you plan to serve as a Mormon missionary?

14. What is the role of Mormon temples?

15. What does it mean to you to be a "good Mormon?" Using some of the above topics for question, talk about them in the context of being a "good Mormon?"

16. Do Mormons believe in marriage at a specific age?

17. How big or small are Mormon families?

18. Are Mormons Republican or Democrat? Should they be one more than or, instead of, the other?

19. Does your faith influence your politics? Is it possible to keep the two separate?

20. What is the role of the Bible? The Book of Mormon? The Doctrine and Covenants or Pearl of Great Price?

21. What is the best Mormon-based book you've read, NOT including canonized scripture?

22. If you're Mormon, is your family Mormon? Your extended family?

23. When did you become Mormon?

24. What would you say are the top two or three benefits or blessings you enjoy through being Mormon?

25. From the following choices, would any of the following keep you from being friends:
     a. a person who smokes?
     b. a person who drinks?
     c. a person who has premarital sexual relations?
     d. a person who swears or uses profanity?
     e. a person who watches R-rated movies?
     f. a person who is politically opposite you?
     g. a person who is gay/lesbian/transgender?

26. Would any of the choices from question 25 keep a Mormon from being a 'good Mormon?'

27. If you are Mormon, what do you think of someone who votes pro-choice? Of a person who votes pro-life?

28. Are you more or less inclined, or neither, to trust a Mormon?

29. In no more than a couple of sentences, describe people of the Mormon faith as you best understand?

30. If you are not a Mormon, would you ever consider becoming one? Why or why not?

Additional questions revision:

31. Are Mormons racist or prejudice? If you say yes, do you believe this is born out of what is taught in church, or do you believe it's just personal choice?

32. Do you find any of the doctrines of Mormonism to be strange/weird/occult/not Christ-like? Please explain your answer.

33. What is the difference between faith and knowledge, and how do you apply that to your own religion, or to your relationship with God?

34. In your own words, from your own experience, who/what is God?

35. If you were to give any advice to a Mormon about their religion, what would it be? (Keep it to one or two sentences. And go ahead and answer whether or not you are Mormon.)

Thanks Everyone for taking this survey. If you'd like, you can just cut and paste the questions with your answers and private message it to me. You can also send it to my email, if you'd rather at

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