Monday, March 5, 2012

Devastating.....or AWESOME?

I'm inclined to believe that knowledge is power, and that "abstinence only" programs aren't working. (See Utah's chlamydia rates among younger people.) But I'm the father of only one child--a three year old--who obviously isn't ready for "the talk." But I would like to hear your opinions on this issue, especially if you are experienced parents. Should we support abstinence only programs, or even no programs at all, when it comes to sex ed in public schools?

"Of sex education in Utah, Rep. Bill Wright, R-Holden, recently said: “Why don’t we just be honest with them up front that sex outside marriage is devastating?”
Well, if we’re going to be totally up front, Bill, we’ll have to tell kids that sex outside marriage is also sometimes awesome. If I were a teacher, and had to “just be honest,” I would have to tell kids that sex outside marriage — for me — has been fun, moving, steamy, spiritual and completely disease-free (also child-free!). I’d also have to tell kids that sometimes it’s been boring, a blow to my ego and less good than masturbating.
I’m flummoxed by Wright’s sense of “honest” and “up front.” Clearly, his understanding of those words doesn’t include the experiences of his constituents. Sex inside of marriage can also be devastating. It depends how you’re doing it. A few married people I know are currently devastated by their sex lives, and a few are overwhelmed by the results of sex without a condom.
Sex with multiple partners can be dangerous, yes. Herpes? Never awesome. Or so I hear. I never got it, which I owe, in part, to my eighth-grade sex education class."
Matthew Ivan Bennett


Kositas de Ceci said...

I really hate that we don't teach our kids more in school. I for one always talk to my kids about sex, STD's and all the crazy things that could happen if u do have sex outside the marriage. I had my sons health teacher thank me for talking to my kids about sex. She told me it made her life a little easier. I think some parents depend too much on Someone else to "teach" our kids about sex but seriously, I would much rather give my kids correct information about sex than have them get wrong info. Javier and I always tell our kids that sex is the BEST thing ever but that it is better saved for someone u know u will spend the rest of their lives with. Married or not. I hope that this makes sense and helps u.

YLime said...

My world turned upside down just before my daughter reached her teen years,I lost my religion & had to reevaluate EVERYTHING I previously believed & quickly. Statistics prove that knowledge is better & that expecting abstinence when sex drives are at mach5 is ludicrous.The life expectancy of humans for thousands of years has been below 30, we had to start procreating young.Unfortunately evolution has not caught up with the way we would prefer things to be now & our babies "clocks" are telling them to go forth & replenish (Thank the Gods for BC!!).Even if half or 35% abstained, they need this info. in order to slow and stop the spread of these diseases.Informing them will not push them toward sexual activity, if anything it may cause them to see that it's a big responsibility w/ potential hazardous consequences & they may wait a little longer (if not until marriage) which is the goal of those promoting abstinence in the first place! Why would they keep this from anyone? Anytime someone is hiding knowledge- something is wrong. I am so candid with my kids & it has been incredible compared to my upbringing & that of those around me. Looking back I think I woke up just in time!

Crystal King said...

Telling teachers what they can and can't talk about really tues their hands. Kids come to someone they trust and that person can't be honest with then without risk of losing their job. The truth is kids need to know so they can make an informed decision. But when a 14 year old girl slips a note to a teacher that says " Can you get pregnant from swallowing semen?" then they really don't know, and someone needs to teach them.

Wade The Rascal said...

Great comments, Ladies. All of them. I always say I'm going to be so candid and honest with my kids, yet I know how difficult that might be. It's nice to see that you three also believe that honesty is the best policy and that knowledge is power.
Crystal, that's crazy; was that really your experience? Ugh...our teachers are definitely paid too little.

Crystal King said...

Lucky for me, it was a coworker :)