Monday, May 4, 2009

My baby boy is 6 months old!!!

The past 6 months have truly been a highlight, if not THE highlight, of my life. Jericho has been such an amazing addition to mine and Brynn's life together. I have never before experienced happiness and love as I now understand them. I experience such intense emotion whenever I kiss my son goodnight. (Very unfortunately, I have a cold sore right now, which sort of hampers this.) He's becoming a little boy now. Almost seems like he's done being a baby. Somewhere, he's learned this tough guy voice and he loves to make it, especially when he's standing up. It's so funny.
I always heard about the joys and such of having kids from friends of mine; how you can't wait to get home after work to be with them; how amazing it is to see you and your mate in that child; and how you've never experienced love like this until you have a child. All true.
Physically, Jericho is looking more and more like Brynn, lucky for him. He's definitely got her big, beautiful, blue eyes. I like to think that he smiles like me. (That's about all I can see in him anymore). But he's growing so quickly. I almost wish I could put his growth and development on pause, this is such an amazing time in his little life. I haven't measured him in inches but I think he's right around 20lbs. Definitely going to be bigger than me.
One thing is for sure, and that is that he can melt your heart in an instant--no matter how bad or great your day has been. If I'm down, blue, or stressed, all I need is a big dose of Jericho.
Brynn, being her usually thoughtful self, bought his a cake for his 6 month birthday. I think all he got was a couple of tastes of icing, which he seemed to dig pretty well. But we're just so happy he's ours and I feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate to be a part of his life.
Happy Birthday, Son. Daddy loves you.


Brynn said...

I can't say it enough. You are a wonderful dad! Jericho is very lucky to have you, and I'm incredibly lucky to have you both!

Kari said...

He definitely is a cutie. I'm glad you are experiencing the good sides of being a parent, or at least focusing on them :) It's very cliche, but really true that they just seems to change so fast and I always miss the last phase.

Shawna Iverson said...

Wade I knew you would be a great daddy. Your awsome. He really is a cute little stinker. Your photograpy skill are great also.