Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just current events...

OK, I don't really have much to rant about. I wish I did, as I LOVE ranting. But most of you are already aware of my opinions about things; I still love wolves, I still love mtn. biking, I still love Alaska, and I still hate mean people.

Jericho is still growing everyday. He's so big, somewhere around 20lbs. He's crawling all over the place; totally have to keep an eye on him. There have been a couple of minor accidents--both on my watch. The first one happened about a month ago, while getting ready to bathe him. I had put him down on my bed while I shaved my face. I kept peeking around the corner, making sure he was OK, knowing that he can roll around pretty well. He was pretty well staying in one place while I shaved and soon I was finished and ready to put him in the tub. I decided though, that I wanted to bring the laptop into the bathroom and play my iTunes while I bathed him. So, I got it, put it down on the vanity, turned around and Jericho already had his legs hanging off of the bed and before I could get to him-----WHAM!!! Right onto his back. Agh...nice going Dad. He cried his head off, though only for about 2o seconds. But I felt sooooooo bad; I wanted to call the police department and turn myself in; I was just sure I'd committed an atrocious crime.
Next one happened about a week ago as I was taking him for a ride in his stroller. I hadn't even left the house yet; was just walking down the sidewalk out front. As I was thinking of where to take the walk, I noticed a big weed in my lawn and decided to pull it out at once. As I bent down to wrap my hands around that ugly green thing, I failed to notice that the stroller was still on the move, heading for the front of the curb edge. (Although a lady in the car across the street witnessed the entire scene.) Again....WHAM!!! The stroller fell onto its side. Luckily I had him good and buckled in; He cried, but mostly out of being startled I think. Again, I should call the cops and tell on myself. (Brynn's probably wanted at this point for harboring a fugitive--ME.)

At any rate, Jericho is healthy, growing, and seems to love life. He's a happy little boy and loves every knew thing that comes his way. I'm glad he seems to be a bit adventurous since, so am I. I've posted pictures of some of the recent Jericho firsts:

*He seems to like licorice
*He likes hiking alright
*He had his first carousel ride at Springville's Art City Days
*He's still a handsome young lad
*He took his first ride on a 4wheeler. (He couldn't have cared less about the 4wheeler ride itself--he was far more interested in all the guages and hoses and stuff on the ATV)


Kari said...

It shouldn't, but your accident stories made me laugh. I still remember the first time I was cutting Will's nails and I nicked him bad enough to bleed. I felt like the worst parent in the world! I had no idea what lay ahead.

Still love that one with the licorice, adorable. Looks like you will get a lot of use out of that backpack, good partner.

Shawna Iverson said...

I love these pics. My favorite is the one of Jericho in the backpack, too cute. You are such a great daddy and belive me there are alot more accidents to come