Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pics from the last week

It was such a nice, sunny day; Jericho and I went for a nice walk around our quaint downtown neighborhood. We took pictures, stepped in dog poo, and splashed in the puddles. And we couldn't do any of it, of course, without Jericho's best friend, "Po Bo." (Or so he believes).
I did a portrait session for a friend of mine, with his wife and son. I've known Robert for a few years. We used to train MMA together. They all were excellent subjects with their pretty eyes and winning smiles.
His little boy was a total ham for the camera, though he would get tired of me often and would need to take a break to play with Jericho's toys.
Such a nice Mommy/son shot.
This is our street. I wish Main Street was just a little more bustling with people and shoppers. The quiet is nice though.
This is a shot I did, with the help of my wife, to go with an article in the UVU paper. It didn't make it in though; instead, they used a lame cartoon.


Kari said...

I don't think I realized there were even apts. downtown, but yeah not exactly the hub of activity.

I have to say seeing the pics on fb that you did with the gun just enforce my dislike for guns. They actually really disturb me. Maybe that says something good about them though that they illicit a reaction out of me. Its not like I have a bad reaction every time I've seen a picture of a gun.

Wade The Rascal said...

Those gun pics were specifically to illicit a very visceral response. So I guess I got my point through. Haha.

I hope that a majority of students at UVU will feel uncomfortable seeing guns on campus.

I hope that any concealed weapon permit holders will choose to keep their weapons concealed.

The ones who want to open-carry on campus, just to make a point, and just because they can, are the ones who worry me; they are what I consider "gun nuts."

A gun is capable of taking a life. A gun is also capable of saving lives. In general though, I don't think guns "make us safer."