Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some days, I'm just not in the mood...

So, I've got this huge, six section physics exam this week. The last day I can take it will be Friday. Last week, I was prepping for it; using every spare minute I had to study everything from unit conversions to 1 dimensional linear motion to gravity, to friction forces to 2 and 3 dimensional motion, to....Ugh!!! Point is, I was doing it and feeling pretty good about it. Then, I had a long weekend.
Today is my first day back at school since the break. I made it to physics, though at 7:50AM, ten minutes late. I didn't want to listen to the lecture; honestly, it doesn't matter if you listen or not; you'll still have to study. I was distracted; reading the news online. (Ten or twenty years ago, who would have thought you could take a portable computer to class and use it as a TV?) Then, some lady in class was coughing incessantly; she always does, but today it was finally bothering me. Why the hell are you coming to class, spreading your germs? You KNOW you can just read the chapter and get more than you'll get in the lecture. Does she not think she's being the slightest bit inconsiderate of the rest of us; those of us with intact immune systems, but still susceptible to whatever bug she's throwing around?
Now, instead of being in the tutor lab, where I really should be, I'm sitting in the cafeteria, blogging. What can I say? I was hungry; didn't eat breakfast before I came to school this morning. And anyway, who can eat breakfast at 6AM? It's impossible, I tell you. Well, I've now eaten breakfast, but I am bothered by the fact that the lady at the register asked if I had one egg or two? She KNOWS those are powdered eggs; how the hell am I supposed to count that?!?! As I'm sitting here, near the TV (I can't see it, I'm always too far to the side, but I can hear it), listening to how the Jazz just traded Deron Williams to the Nets, I'm getting cranky. And what's up with that guy that walked by a few minutes ago, looking generally in my direction, and seemingly mouthing "F*ck You?" Probably just my imagination, but what if it wasn't? Does he hate my shirt? My hat? My face? Hey man, how about F*ck You!?!?!
This blend of Pepsi and Dr. Pepper is good though; bubbly and tasty, as well as super-caffeinated. I need that today. I need my mood altered. I need a different state-of-mind than the one I had an hour ago. Does that mean I just did drugs? I don't know; probably. Probably broke the Word of Wisdom, too. Nah, not really. At least not in the way I understand it. I actually think God doesn't mind that I drink caffeine, especially if it means I'll more easily be able to love my neighbor.
Hmmm.....I wonder what to blog about next time. Hopefully how I got an A on my physics exam. Was this too ornery? Was it too cynical? I warned you of that in the title though. Did you like it anyway? I feel better. I guess that's the point.
I realize that a picture of that golden eagle doesn't have anything to do with today's blog topic. But I like to include my photos, and it's the only thing I photographed over the weekend. Spread your wings and fly, people. That's inspiring, right?


Simply Cosas said...

I love reading your blog. Don't worry the sun is coming out and you will have a better day!

Marissa said...

Thanks for the honesty and the sneak peak into that head of yours. ;)
What you focus on expands so don't spend too much thought on that awful coughing or you may blow up.
Good luck on your test!

Wade The Rascal said...

Hey thanks, You guys. Yeah, today wasn't the best day of my life. I was a bit off all day.
Tomorrow will be better.
Thanks for reading my blog; I hope my fake cursing doesn't offend either of you; I know it's not nice to cuss around the ladies. But sometimes, nothing else will do, you know? And that HAS to be true because it was taught to me by my 8th grade band teacher.