Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lightning

This was taken last night near Spanish Fork on Arrowhead Trail. My friend Tim shot this one, and the next, aimed straight up above us, which is why you see water droplets on the lens, blurring out some of the bolts.

From Arrowhead Trail, looking at the lightning striking over Payson.
All of the following were taken Saturday night. It was an amazing storm.
I was parked out West of Payson, out Utah Ave., and just past the train tracks, aiming the camera toward Genola. Some people have mentioned that they dislike the pole in my shots. I kept it in some of the photos to give some composition and to show that this extreme weather is happening right in our backyard.

Lucky number seven?

I'm sort of fascinated by lightning photography because it is a little challenging, but also because it gives you the chance to really view a lightning strike, whereas, in real time, you have about a millisecond to see it as it happens.

If you see any of these you really like, feel free to let me know. Or, if you really don't like one for one reason or another, I welcome constructive criticism, as an aspiring photographer.


Kari said...

I love them! And I really don't mind the pole. Like you mentioned, it kind of sets them up as being close to civilization instead of out in the middle of no where. The colors are really cool. The 7 one is definitely up there on my favorites, just interesting to have that in there. Honestly they all have things I like about them. We've had a few storms lately and I wish my place wasn't completely surrounded by trees blocking all views. I need to try this sometime.

Wade The Rascal said...

Thanks, Kari. It's been really fun to sort of learn how to capture lightning. One day I'll get that perfect shot and you'll go see it at the Springville Art Museum or something ;)

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