Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today was our first full day at the house with Jericho. It went pretty well, though he had a tummy ache last night and didn't sleep as well as we had hoped. Brynn is so good to know what to do. She has been my only source of confidence that "yes we can," when it comes to raising a baby. But, that's what 6 or 7 years of nursing experience will do for you. She was also very kind and took Jericho out of our room and didn't even wake me to help. (I'm feeling kind of guilty for that one). But, I did get caught up on sleep and was ready to spend today being the lucky dad.

We are truly indebted to my mother-in-law, who has, so far, been with us every step of the way. (I must admit to feeling special for being the only one allowed in the operating room during the birth). Grandma Ellie is a pro at EVERYTHING. There is literally nothing she doesn't seem to be able and/or willing to tackle. I don't know if that's always been her nature, or if it can be attributed to her being a tough-as-nails cancer survivor. I feel fortunate though to be getting to know her so well and we can all attest that it's certainly more productive to get along with our in-laws than to be at odds with each other. She has taught us the how-to's of diaper changing and baby sponge baths. And she's tirelessly been cleaning our house. Again, I don't know who keeps messing it up, but my eye is on Frank, our cat. At any rate, I love her dearly and will be forever thankful to her, for being here, allowing me to spend this very short time bonding with my son.

Our friends keep dropping by, wanting to see the baby and offering their support, advice, and even food. Keep it coming guys. And we sure love seeing you. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for us.

I have to thank my boss, even though he'll not likely read this, as he's really not a blogger. A few weeks ago, I had been wondering how much time to take off---how much I could afford. I was wondering what it was going to be like, and worrying about how tough it was going to be on my wonderful wife. Well, out of the blue, as Rich (my boss) and I were building a railing, he said, "When that baby comes, I want you to take that entire week off and I'm going to pay you for it." And then he continued on about how a boss once did that for him and how much I would appreciate this time. Well, he was right. This has been an amazing, irreplaceable time. My son and I have become friends. We know each other. I know what his cries mean--so far. I know when he's happy, tired, or uncomfortable. And he knows my voice, my blurry appearance, and my scent. (Don't worry--I shower and wear cologne--it's a good scent). And I can't get enough of him. I don't know what I would do without the kind people in my life--the genuinely great people like Rich. Thanks Boss.

Well, there are still some of you who we'd still love to see, but haven't because of illnesses or because you live far away. Get feeling better and when you can make it to our house, please do.

I hear the cooing of my strapping young son. Until next time, Cheers!


Kari said...

I love reading everything you write about Jericho. You can really tell how happy you all are. That's great that you have a boss that let you take some time off, and paid for it. I was very grateful that my husband was able to use some vacation days and stay home. I still remember feeling a little overwhelmed when he went back to work and it was just me. I think it's great that your mother-in-law is also there to help. I love my in-laws and always have felt bad for people who have the stereotypically bad ones. And watch out, those cats are sneaky, I think they start walking upright when we aren't looking.

Elly said...

Congrats. When I didn't see you at the gym last week I wondered. But, everytime I thought about it I wasn't by a computer to check if the babe was here. He sure is a cutie. Can't wait to see him in person. Let us know if you need anything.

Wade The Rascal said...

Thanks Elly. So far, so good. We've been spoiled. Our baby is doing well. He's eating and pooping and sleeping, right on schedule. Haha. Yeah, I need to get my butt back to the gym soon. 32year old muscle turns to flab in a hurry, you know. Stop by and see him sometime. We'd love to see you. And it might be another week or so until I get back to Dumbbell's and it won't likely be with the kid.

Payton said...

Yay for babies!