Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's cot heaven for me tonight.

Well, after spending 3 nights in a chair, I lucked out and our nurse has brought in a cot for tonight. It's about time! My back is screaming at me right now. I'm going to need a massage soon.

We were hoping that we'd be going home today but it looks like we're here until tomorrow. Jericho is doing so great. He eats really well. And, according to my diaper count--20 to this point--his digestive system functions just super. He seems like a really good baby; He's usually content and we already have established that when he won't keep his binky in his mouth, it means he's hungry. And when his binky does do the trick but then he cries, it means his diaper is ready to be changed.

Unfortunately, Brynn's red cell count keeps testing a little on the low end. We even had our fingers crossed for this last test but it still tested low. If we really wanted to press the issue, I think the doctor would release us. But he's recommending sticking around for another night, just so we're a little closer to treatment if any is needed. I have to say, the first time I met Brynn's doctor, I was a little unimpressed. He seemed too new; maybe not enough experience. But, he's proven me wrong. He seems very good at his job and he's very personable and easy to talk to. Maybe it's his Payson roots.

So, we're here for another night. We certainly are appreciative of all of your emails, phone calls, and visits. We feel incredibly fortunate to have so many generous and loyal friends and family. It has made this wonderful experience even better.


Kari said...

Guess I should have read your blog before I posted that comment on Facebook. I spent 3 wks sleeping on the hospital cots, worse 3 wks of my life! I seriously don't think they could be more uncomfortable, except they were still 100% better than the first night there that I spent in a chair, sorry you had to do more than one of those. The chair was so uncomfortable I even tried the floor for awhile, those are some pretty hard/cold floors. I hope they are able to release Brynn soon, it is so much nicer to go home and just be able to relax. I checked out the minute they said I could, even though I could have stayed several hours later. And that was just a normal stay, not a c-section recovery.

Wade The Rascal said...

Hey Kari. Yeah, no more cots or chairs. We're finally home. So nice to be out of the hospital. Hope you're well. Haven't heard from you for a few days.