Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jericho is here!!!

My son, Jericho, was born at 12:20 AM, November 4, 2008. He was born via c-section, and it's no wonder; He weighed in at a whopping 9lbs. 1oz.----and 20 inches long. We haven't yet decided on who he got what characteristics from, but we agree that he is one good looking baby.

Brynn is so tough. It was a stressful pregnancy, mostly due to pre-term labor at 6 months along. After a month of bed rest, Jericho seemed a little more content to stay in until closer to the due date. Brynn continued to have contractions--strong contractions--though at every check up, there was no change in her cervix. Our due date was Oct. 31st, which came and went but didn't worry us. She finally went into labor on Monday afternoon, and we were at the hospital by 7:45PM or so. Within a couple of hours she was dilated to 8cm. We were so happy. After 3 tries, an epidural finally eased Brynn's pain and put us at ease. An hour later though, she had digressed and was dilated only to 5cm. The doctor was pretty sure that the baby wasn't going to fit through her pelvis. So, we agreed to a c-section. And, at 12:20AM, Election Tuesday, Jericho was born.

I had imagined how cool it might be if Jericho was born on the same day Barack Obama became elected President of the USA. And, that's what happened. Such a thrill. I feel so great about our future progress as a nation and as cohabitants with the rest of the world. I truly think Obama is going to do great. He may not be able to solve our every problem, but I think he's going to change the way we think, change the way politics are done, and forge good, much needed relationships between America and our friends around the world. Could a more peaceful world be in our future?

Anyway, Brynn and I feel so fortunate and blessed right now. What a wonderful day our son's birthday was. What a wonderful feeling to have a baby. I was thinking today; The way I felt about Brynn, back when we were dating and just giddy every moment, wanting to spend every second with her, extremely "whipped," is the way I feel about Jericho. I love him to death and this feeling came instantly, the moment they put him in my arms. Brynn is going to be an amazing mother. Of this I have no doubt. And, she'll show me the way and will make up for my inadequacies as a new dad. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have thought my current situation to be possible. Now, I am a husband--a dad--a part of my own family.

Lastly, I have to say thank you to our families. We totally appreciate your help and encouragement. To all of our friends--all of you--thank you for your friendship, your gifts, and your advice; I will be calling many of you in the future to ask why my baby is crying or why the poop is yellow this time. To those who can, please come see us. You mean so much to us and we of course want Jericho to know you.


Iverson's, the baby :) said...

Wade you are such a great writer, I love how you word things. What a blessing it is to have you as my friend. Thank you for all things you have taught me. Im so overly joyed for you, you deserve this happiness in your life.

Wade The Rascal said...

Thanks Shawna. You're too nice. I of course am so fortunate to have met you and become such good friends with you. You amaze me. You've become such an amazing person in the few years I've known you. Your friends and family are all the better for having you in their lives.

A great writer? Tell that to my lame English 2010 professor. I'm still mad about the B- she gave me like 5 years ago.

The Hone's said...

Im so happy for you guys. I think its awesome our kids will be the same age and hopefully they will be great little buddies.

Brynn said...

Honey, you need no guidance from me. You are an absolute natural as a daddy. I am in awe of how incredible you are and how much Jericho loves you. It is the most awesome thing in the world to see you two together. I couldn't be happier. I love you

Allison said...

Babies are the best! Congrats! I'm excited for you guys!