Saturday, November 21, 2009

Arts and crafts for sale!

This one is knotty white pine w/mahogany stain. (Remember, I can stain them to your liking. Any color.)
This is a shadow box. They can be spruced up to fanciness if you'd like. This one is fairly plain. $16.00
This picture frame is made from knotty alder, to which I applied a mahogany stain. Alder will stain almost any shade you'd like, from it's natural light color to almost black. I have lots of it. On this one, I chose to use the molded side for nice framing lines, but I can use plain, flat wood, just the same. I also used a Roman-ogee router bit to trim a nice edge around it. $21.00.
This is a good example of a rustic barn wood picture frame. It is 8X10 in size. I added the rope to this one for my grandpa, the cowboy, but I thought it looked very nice without the rope. $25.00.
A nice frame from barn wood. A lot like the previous one from barn wood, just smaller-dimensions of the wood. It's also an 8X10. $20.00.

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such a talented and crafty man I have