Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interesting news from today...(Abortion debate)


I don't know how strong this argument really is. But I'd say anything which aims at reducing the numbers of "unwanted pregnancies," is a step in the right direction.



Kari said...

While I think that expanding coverage and accessibility of birth control is an important part of addressing abortions, I'm not sure that saying insurance won't cover an abortion is the way to go about making that happen.

Allison said...

Why have an abortion when so many families out there want a baby and can't have it on their own. I don't believe in abortion even a little bit. No matter what. I think god knows what we need to learn in this life. We should leave it up to him.

Wade The Rascal said...

I agree with your sentiments, Allison. But I think if we are to help solve the problem, we need better sex education. I think that's a good place to begin.