Monday, April 18, 2011

Nature Sunday Apr. 17, 2011 Edition

I'm about 11 or 12 minutes late getting this up on Sunday. But at least I'm trying to be true to my intentions and sticking with the Nature Sundays entries for a 2nd consecutive week, right? Well, I didn't exactly get out and about, but when I went to feed my dog, I took the camera, and decided to capture a few evidences of the Spring season.

Pookah and I took off for a little walk toward the orchard. This pic was taken about 5 minutes after she killed one of my brother's chickens :( And I had just told my brother she wouldn't do it if I was with her. I knew there were chickens ahead, but I didn't worry too much. I had just looked down long enough to turn my camera on and then saw that Pookah was already chasing a hen and I couldn't get her to call off the chase. Ugh. Poor chicken!
The buds are on the trees in the orchards. These are buds on a cherry tree; soon to be beautiful blossoms.
These little things will eventually become yummy apples!
This is Mt. Loafer. It's sort of how I know I'm home. It's always been there, in that pretty corner of Southeast Utah Valley. It's always made a nice backdrop for the apple trees in this orchard. Still quite a lot of snow up there, especially for mid-April. I'm sort of exited to see the rivers and streams raging with Spring melt water. (Keep your cameras handy; it might get REALLY, INTENSELY good in a couple of weeks when the temps rise into the 70s for days at a time.) I don't wish anyone's home to be ruined in a flood or a landslide, but if there is flooding and landslides, you can be sure I'm going to be there, looking at the mess through my lens.

Happy Spring time, Everyone!

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Kari said...

Pookah is such a beautiful dog and that's a great shot of her. Too bad about the chicken though :(

Great shot of Mt. Loafer. I've been wishing I could find a good location to get some good shots of all the mountains in this valley. Maybe if I can ever get up as early as you on a Sunday I'll be able to tag along.