Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nature Sundays...

I MIGHT begin a weekly blog post called Nature Sundays. It will be short and sweet; I'll just post a photo from my weekly Sunday morning drives. Here's one from today's drive; it's near Utah Lake State Park, Provo.

Nearly every Sunday morning, I wake up--even though sometimes I'd like to sleep in--and go on a nice drive. I have a few favorite routes and destinations. Where I end up just depends on how much time I have. Today, I didn't have a lot of time, so I took my dog and drove over to Utah Lake. I love the cat tails and the reeds in the shallows. Always so brilliantly colored. I little flock of ducks flew up and I was lucky enough to capture them in this shot, though I only made them one element of the shot, not the main subject.

I love many things about this Sunday ritual; I love that early morning cup of chai from Joe's. It was extra good this morning, as I woke with a touch of a sore throat. The music is good on Sunday mornings; I like to listen to KRCL 90.9 FM, which has "The Circle of Life" on from 6AM til 10AM Sundays. It's all Native American music. I rarely understand the words, but it's usually very spiritual, and whether you're Native American, or just a White dude, if you try, you can feel the spirit of that music. I love the quiet of Sunday mornings; no traffic, almost anywhere. You really feel like you can get away from all of the unwanted noises in life. I took my dog, Puka, this morning. She loves to get out and run and sniff around a new place. This was her first time by the Utah Lake State Park, and she was extra excited to explore. And I had promised her yesterday that I'd take her for a ride today, so I had to make good on that, even though it'd be easier for me to get around without her. I'll bet we look funny, me in the driver's seat, and her, riding shotgun, in the front seat of my blue work van. We do get some funny looks.

Anyway, it was a good morning; still cold; still fighting the inevitability of warm and hot weather. I know so many of you are hoping and praying for sunny skies and warmer temperatures. For me, I'll take the cold. The longer the upper 90s and 100 degree temps stay away, the better. But I know they're coming, which is why I'm not hurrying them here.

Have a great day, Everyone! Peace.


Kari said...

Love the shot Wade. I need to do some exploring of that area. Its one of those places so close that for some reason I've never really gone to.

I have to say that as much as I hate winter, I keep hoping that this cold weather means we will have a cooler summer, no 100's. So that makes me a little happier about it.

Wade The Rascal said...

I don't know if it means cooler Summer or not. I'd love that if it did. Seems like last Summer wasn't too bad, for Utah standards.
Yeah, that place in the picture is very near the control tower at Provo Airport. It's actually pretty cool, even on a cloudy morning like today.

I just read that they expect flooding as bad or worse than the flooding of '83. (Thistle mudslide and stuff). So, keep your camera charged up; there's going to be lots of opportunities for great shots of raging rivers and overflowing streets!

Brynn said...

Come on! You LOVE summer! You know you've been dying to break out that speedo and show everyone at the Payson City Pool just how hot you are! XOXO

P.S. Your pictures are pretty darned amazing as always

Wade The Rascal said...

Hey, if anyone would like to join me for this coming "Nature Sunday," let me know and we'll figure a meeting place and time. Would love to have anyone come along.

Kari said...

I would love to join your Nature Sunday sometime. But I have Will on Sundays so that sort of gets in the way.

Wade The Rascal said...

Find a sitter and let's go!