Monday, May 9, 2011


I LOVE days like this, and there's no place that makes me feel more at home on a rainy day than Santaquin Canyon; like being in Alaska again!

Up Santaquin Canyon, there's this part of the narrow road that becomes a one-way across a bridge, under which the river switches to the north side of the road, where a snow slide almost always comes down. This year is no exception, with near record snow pack in the Wasatch Range. I love that stuff like this happens!
Here's the lower end of the avalanche; hard to tell, but the river is raging this week. It was scary walking across that little land bridge made of snow; the thought of it giving way while I crossed with my camera had my heart racing. But sometimes, you've got to earn your good times.
I'm a sucker for shots like this, probably because it takes some manipulation of your camera settings and you can set it up so many different ways. And to me, this is way better quality than that one on the wall at the Chinese restaurant.
Not as pretty but, more of that.
Was a beautiful day for a drive!


Kari said...

Wade the colors in all of those are beautiful! I love fog in the mountains. I had this plan to take photos every week of the river by my house to track how high its getting. The things I was using to judge the height are already all under water. Its definitely going to be an interesting water year.

Brynn said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. Good job honey!

Shawna said...

These are some of your best photos yet! absolutly beautiful