Sunday, October 12, 2008

As The World Turns...

I love Fall. I wish it would stay longer, though I know it certainly won't. The crisp, fresh air of Fall is becoming colder, stinging. Winter is on its way. Brynn and I rode up Payson Canyon and down Santaquin Canyon last week to see the colors on the foliage. It was beautiful--amazing. I posted a picture or two at the bottom of this page and on my Facebook page as well. I know Winter is coming. I thought for sure that last week would be my final chance to get in a bike ride on my favorite trails. Wednesday afternoon I called about everyone I know--that I usually bike with--and no one was around. I wanted someone to accompany me on a bike ride. After that was unsuccessful, I decided I was going anyway. Brynn took me up and dropped me off. The ride was awesome. It's a great workout and such a rush. Plus, the Fall colors, the leaves on the ground, and just the freshness in the air all made a fun night. I'm so glad I went.

Today, my friend Jack came into town. Brynn, Jack and I went to eat at One Man Band in Santaquin---a late breakfast. Then, we decided to ride, this time, up Santaquin Canyon and down the Payson side to catch the colors again. The world is surely turning, as there was ice in Santaquin Creek and temperature dropped to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The colors had, of course, changed from last week. The deeper reds have now made their entrance to my satisfaction. It reminded me of Broad Pass, near Denali, AK, though not quite as spectacular. (In my mind, nothing ever will be). But it was beautiful and it was fun hanging out with Jack, AKA TD1.

There's something so amazing and so...natural about the turning of the seasons. Things are always changing; Things coming to life, things dying, and things in states in between. The deer and elk are out, foraging; trying to pack on some extra layers as they surely know the cold season is approaching. Jake and Puka (our dogs) are growing in their winter coats, fluffy and warm. It's always amazed me that Jake has never really NEEDED a house. He has one though. I'll have to post a picture of it sometime--sort of a doggy cabin. But each year, nature provides him an amazingly efficient, fluffy, thick coat. And each Winter, I find him sleeping under the blanket of snow, brought during the night, instead of in his warm house I worked so hard on. Well, I suppose I've got nothing on Mother Nature and her skills.

I feel a sense of urgency at this time of year. It's time to get things done and in order before the snow comes and makes them more difficult. This year, especially, as we have our first baby planning his entrance into our small world any day now. His room is ready. Brynn has done a great job decorating and....nesting. Also, I must say her mom has been very helpful getting the baby room ready. We owe Brynn's parents greatly. Our roof has been leaking and threatening to ruin our wood floor. I finally got up there yesterday morning and patched the bejeezus out of it. I was sort of hoping for rain to come so I'd know if my work was successful. At any rate, we are busy preparing for winter and the new changes that will likely come with our "new addition."

As the world keeps turning, and we're all busy trying to keep up with everything in our lives, let's take time to smell the roses and appreciate the environment we have all around. It wasn't made beautiful for nothing.

Happy Fall.

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