Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pregant is fabulous...

Brynn (my wife, of course) went to get pregnancy pictures today. I'm excited and I've been supporting this idea. I'm glad she's cool with it. I don't know, there's just something beautiful, wonderful, miraculous, and sexy about my pregnant wife and her belly. That's right honey, I think it's sexy. (Don't get me wrong--this doesn't mean I necessarily want to put you in that way again).

She went to friends of ours to have the pictures taken. Our friend Jami is an extremely talented photographer so she was the obvious choice. And we're totally thankful for the deal she gave us. Thank you Jami.

Well, I don't have a lot else to say right now. I'm heading to the gym in a bit. I'm considering training for a mini-triathalon, which is coming up in early November. Nothing solid yet, but I might as well get into better shape anyway. I won't be able to brag about it too much since it's a mini. The swim is only 350 meters, though that might prove to be a lot for me. The run is a 5k and the bike ride is a 10k. But it'll be a good experience I'm sure. I might have to stop drinking Coca-Cola for this one. (Don't count on it though.)

Anyway, good day All!

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Iverson's, the baby :) said...

OH I LOVE hearing you talk of Brynn that way. I cant wait to see the pics. I had them done while I was pregnant and I loved them. You'll be so happy to have them later. Holy crap I miss you guys and cant wait to kiss that sweet baby