Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential debate 1

You didn't think I wasn't going to say something about the presidential debate, did you? Ah, I can't help myself. Plus, this is my blog---I can write anything I want to, eh?

Well, I'm not going to get into the politics of it too much. I didn't think this debate really clarified anything political. In my opinion, it ended up being a display of two very distinct personalities. We got to see how the two candidates react when backed into a corner. I don't think it was a debate where one of the two could be declared winner.

McCain seemed to be the same as we've seen him throughout the campaign--tough, maybe a little stubborn, and unsuccessful with funny. Several times he showed frustration and even a bit of anger. He didn't really show up Obama with his politics. Like most politicians, he refuses to admit mistakes and likes to stretch the truth about personal successes. One thing that showed up in McCain's demeanor tonight is something that keeps me from seriously considering him for president, and that is his itchy trigger finger. He's not a thinker. He's not for study of the issues, looking at the many possibilities, and then choosing the best answer. Instead, he does what he did with Bush and Iraq---he shoots first, and then asks questions later. I commend him for finding the good and the positive possibilities of the Iraq War. But I also think it's imperative to learn from our mistakes. McCain, like Bush, refuses to talk about the Iraq War ever being a bad idea or a bad policy. I don't want someone as president who may or may not be able to get us out of a terrible situation, created by a bad policy. I'd rather select someone who I think will do everything they can to keep us out of those situations in the first place. While McCain seems a bit brighter than his partner, Gov. Sarah Palin, he's still no scholar.

Obama was pretty much cool and collected as always tonight, though his answers came somewhat more slowly than during his many brilliant speeches. Tonight's debate was supposed to be McCain's night, since he's considered to have an edge on foreign policy. Obama could've been tempted to talk "tougher" than usual about this, in order to keep up with McCain. But I was very impressed with his answers. This is a man who is bright, intelligent, well educated and well-spoken. He is obviously confident in himself and in his proposed policies---that they are what America truly needs right now. (With this, I strongly agree). He's a great communicator--someone who seems to handle pressure well. He believes in diplomacy and in talking to our allies, our potential allies, and our enemies. Maybe it's because he's young that he seems to be more optimistic about the world than McCain. He believes we can actually solve some of the world's great issues. He thinks change in Washington is greatly needed. Not many dispute that. And he thinks it's worth the risk to leave behind the old ways of government. I thought he answered question honestly and humbly, choosing not to tangle with McCain in a mud-slinging match. That I can respect.

All in all though, we didn't really hear a lot of different things, from either candidate, that we haven't already heard this election season. Like I said, I think the only thing I learned is the way their personalities are different. And I think personality is important--I think personality shapes policy. I came away, not feeling like McCain was a bad guy, not feeling like Obama was amazing. Just feeling confident about supporting my candidate. (Can you guess which one I like?)

Anyway, I love watching this stuff. Can't wait for the next one.


Johnsons said...

Wade, I was glad to find your blog through face book. I am liking the whole debate thing too, only I am just realizing more and more that It is going to be the less of two evils that I vote for. I don't really trust either one of them.
While I agree with what you said about McCain being trigger happy, I also worry about Obama pulling the troops out of Iraq to soon. I get so sick of them arguing about whether or not the war was right. Whether it was or not doesn't change the situation that we are in. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the war, and I want it to end just as much as anyone else, but i also worry that if we are taken out of there too soon, it will do more damage in the long run. Let's just finish what we started and get out of there!!
I like some of Obama's ideas, and I like some of McCains ideas, but I am not sold on either at the moment. All I know is that the country is in desperate need of something!
Hey, Amber and I started a highschool blog, to help keep people in touch and also informed about the reunion, do you care if I add your blog on there? here is the site. Take care and have fun watching the debate tonight.

Wade The Rascal said...

Of course you can add my blog to that site you started.
I agree with you that we are where we are in Iraq, so we need to finish it in the best way. On the other hand, when looking at the two candidates, it's important to admit that we SHOULD NOT have gone in there--we should've gone to Afghanistan with all that fire power. And, I'd rather have a president who, not only will be able to finish the war in a responsible way, but who also won't get us into those situations in the first place. As far as history can tell us, that's Obama. I'm not saying he's the perfect candidate. He wasn't even my first choice. But the combination of McCain and Palin is just too much of a risk. They aren't even very intelligent. I'm ready for someone who can communicate well, especially after 8 years of Dubya. Anyway, super to hear from you. Please keep in touch. I also like your blog. It has a lot more good pictures than mine. Mine is just a forum where I'm allowed to rant--it's therapeutic.

Kari said...

I'm glad you have a place to rant about politics. I just started a blog, but I don't really feel like I should touch this issue just because the vast majority of my friends feel exactly opposite of me. I mean I do live in Ut. County. I'll agree that the debate mostly just made my feel confident about my previous decision. McCain's foreign policy views scare the crap out of me. Maybe Obama is a little naive, but I prefer that to someone that just labels someone as an enemy and then pushes them aside. I feel like a lot of our foreign problems are because we just assume everyone else wants to be just like us, when not everyone does. I don't think we spend enough time thinking about why the middle east hates us so much and looking at the consequences of our past actions. There is something about Obama that makes me feel that he would do more to help turn around our foreign reputation, and even a little bit would do a lot of good. And I won't even start on how much McCain's health care plan would hurt. Obama may not be my dream candidate, but I don't really think that exists. So I'm choosing the person who I feel will do the best for the country overall. Go Obama!